Disability Promotion & Advocacy Association (DPA) is a voluntary self-help organization established on 4 April 1999 to advocate for rights and promote abilities of people with disabilities throughout Vanuatu.

Becoming aware of the 1st Asia Pacific Decade for Persons with Disabilities 1993-2002, the first decision of the Interim Committee mandated to establish this organization was to work toward the following aims:

a) To advocate for rights and promote abilities of persons with disability throughout Vanuatu;
b) To lobby the national government for the establishment of a National Disability Council which shall be a permanent body with adequate infrastructural support with representation from government agencies, non-governmental organization including representation from persons with disability and organizations working with and for people with disabilities;
c) To ensure that the Mandate for Actions during the Asia Pacific Decade of Persons with Disability 1993-2002 are implemented;
d)To raise awareness that people with disability have the same as rights as any one else, no more, no less.
e) To liaise, promote and support persons with disability, caregivers, family members, communities, non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies to recognize and promote these objectives;
f) To promote and support the establishment of branches in each province to promote the above aims;
g) To provide training and other skills for people with disability in order to promote their organizations to participate fully in all levels of society.

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