Fusi Alofa Association Tuvalu is known as Fusi Alofa, a non governmental organization for Persons with Disabilities, established on 15 May 2009.

Its main aims are:

1) To assist Persons with Disability by enhancing knowledge and awareness of people in Tuvalu regarding issues of disability.

2) To provide services needed by Persons with Disability (Voluntary).

3) Advocate the Government of Tuvalu to increase its support by providing financial support to Persons with Disability.

4) To create opportunities for Persons with Disability to be able to participate in international forums to voice their own concerns.

5) To be able to provide support for Persons with Disability in various ways; for instance, seeking donors to assist with walking Aids. So Persons with Disability can be able to live in a more independent and barrier free environment.

Click here for all APIDS news relating to Tuvalu.

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