Solomon Islands

People with Disability Solomon Islands (PWDSI) started in 2003 as a non profit organisation to support the rights and needs of people with disabilities. Since it started, the name of the organisation has changed, but it has retained its purpose and commitment.

The 2010 Constitution of PWDSI states that its objectives include the following:

(a) To advocate for the rights and act as collective voice of people with disabilities in the country

(b) To promote the welfare and wellbeing of people with disabilities

(c) To raise awareness and public education on disability issues

(d) To work in cooperation with the Government and other stakeholders in empowering people with disabilities to become productive and useful citizens

(e) To do such other things as may be seen necessary to achieve any or all of its objects

The office bearers and members of PWDSI are people with disabilities.

The PWDSI office is in Honiara, located near other civil society organisations. The staff of PWDSI provide support to self-help groups in other islands and undertake a range of advocacy and inclusive development activities.

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