Te Toa Matoa is the Kiribati Association of Persons with Disabilities. It is also intending to apply to become a member of Disabled Peoples’ international, which is people with disabilities of the world acting together for their mutual advancement. It is an organisation operating for the benefit of all people with disabilities. Te Toa Matoa speaks for itself, uniting together all people with disabilities to endure their access to a fully integrated lifestyle in the community and their right to attain their potential. Te Toa Matoa affirms the statements contained in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The objectives of Te Toa Matoa are:

  1. To be the Cross-disability consumer organisation for al I-Kiribati with disabilities and actively represent their views.
  2. To ensure that I-Kiribati with disabilities enjoy the rights set out in the United Nation Charters and the Charter of Rights of Disabled peoples’ International.
  3. To alleviate the poverty and suffering experience by people with disabilities here in Kiribati by whatever financial and other means possible.
  4. To advise Government at all levels for the implementation of policies and programs to assist people with disabilities, and advise and assist Government in that implementation.
  5. To give information and provide advice to people with disabilities and their families, regarding Government, Community and Private disability services which would assist them to overcome the negative effects of disability on their lives.
  6. To consult on matters of policy and share information with people with disabilities and their organizations.
  7. To ensure that people with disabilities have proper and adequate representation perspective. This research should include research into the prevention of disability.
  8. To seek the right of considered comment on all government policies.
  9. To represent I-Kiribati with disabilities in all forums of Disabled Peoples’ International and at all other international forums which may affect the lives of all peoples’ with disabilities.

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