Capacity development for effective and efficient Disabled People’s Organisations in Pacific Island countries

Disabled peoples’ organisations (DPOs) are committed to increasing their capacity, effectiveness and efficiency within their respective countries, so they can represent the interests of their own members and help meet disability-related local, national, regional and international goals. The current capacity of Pacific DPOs varies significantly and their pathways to greater capacity will be different in each country. Pacific Disability Forum (PDF) recognises that DPOs are responsible for their own capacity development and wants to ensure that any efforts to contribute to DPO capacity development are well-conceived and likely to be successful.

In 2011-2012, PDF undertook a substantial practical research program aimed to contribute to this process. It has been working with its partner, Australia Pacific Islands Disability Support (APIDS) to facilitate research processes in each member country, and at a regional level.

Over 18 months, the research provided opportunities for 11 member DPOs to:
reflect on and share what they know already about capacity and capacity development
1) learn about what works well and why
develop new ideas and ways of working
2) share their experiences with others
3) be in a stronger position to negotiate with their own members and development partners about how to strengthen their capacity in the future.

The reports can be downloaded here:

General/regional reports

Pacific Report

Literature Survey April 2013

Country reports

Cook Islands

Federated States of Micronesia




Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands