More ADDC Videos

The Australian Disability and Development Consortium and ten of its members (including APIDS) have produced a series of short videos featuring persons with disability who are, or were, engaged in a disability-inclusive development (DID) project or initiative.

These are the final four videos in the series and highlight people’s stories and experiences.

Chenda Min a young Cambodian woman with a visual impairment describes how she strives to ‘to provide hope to people with disability, especially for the young generation’ in her community. Produced in partnership with CBM Australia and CDMD (Cambodian Development Mission for Disability).

I Nengah Latra is the founder and director of the Puspadi Bali Foundation. He talks about opportunities for employment for people with disabilities and his commitment to advocating for more and better sports infrastructure for people with disabilities. Produced in partnership with Sport Matters and the Puspadi Bali Foundation.

Kisan Pariyar tells us about his experience after suffering a work related accident. He was fitted with prosthetics and now has options to continue to support his family. Produced in partnership with The Leprosy Mission Australia.

Connie Miari an Australian social worker recently volunteered with disabled people’s organisations in Suva, Fiji, to help build leadership skills. The release of this final video marks the 10th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Produced in partnership with Scope Global.




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