Ranjesh Prakash

This video in the ADDC series features Ranjesh Prakash from Fiji and was produced in partnership with APIDS and United Blind Persons of Fiji. Ranjesh tells us about his journey from rural Fiji  to Suva, the capital city, where he studied in a boarding school for vision impaired children and then in a mainstream secondary school and finally to Melbourne where he is currently completing a bachelor degree in international development. Ranjesh is the recipient of an Australia Award scholarship.

He also shares with us his commitment to raising public awareness on the abilities of persons with vision impairment. In Fiji, he was actively involved in advocacy campaigns and supported training activities with United Blind Persons of Fiji which is one of the Disabled People’s Organisations supported by APIDS.

Ranjesh is preparing his return to Fiji in 2017 and is very keen to put into practice what he learnt during his studies in Australia through long term employment and to continue his advocacy work to ensure that people with disabilities are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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