Funding distribution

We are pleased to announce that the following funds have been sent to 8 partner DPOs:

$3,500 to FDPF(Fiji) for Strategic Planning workshop costs for accommodation, transportation of branch and affiliates representatives, meeting  venue, meals, admin costs

$3,500 to RHTO (Timor Leste) for RHTO volunteer allowance for the assistant; English course for senior staff; To cover transport cost to enable RHTO members to attend vocational training course (eg to learn carving and art skill)

$3,500 to DPA (Vanuatu) to support the continued employment of communications officer, including salary and VNPF contributions.

$2,500 to Te Tao Matoa (Kiribati) for office equipment and supplies – table, chairs, fan, cabinet, bookshelves, copier, stationary

$2,500 to UBP (Fiji) to reprint  200 copies of the Stepping stone booklet, printing  more brochures to be used for awareness raising purposes, printing of letter head, purchasing a new printer to be used by the secretariat.

$2,500 to PSA (Fiji) for members meetings, members welfare (checking in on members via phone/face to face etc),women’s group (empowerment), internet/electricity costs, office rent

$2,500 to SIA (Fiji) for materials and support for womens income generation activity  Including sewing machine and oil, transport, sales person allowance

$3,000 to FAD (Fiji) for a train the trainers workshop for our sign language teachers, which will include the airfare for an Australian Deaf trainer, accommodation, refreshments for the 4 days training


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