APIDS funding to partners

We’re delighted to be able to provide an update on where our funds have been going recently:

Fiji Association of the Deaf – $3,000 for awareness and development activities and a capacity building workshop for members in the West

Fiji Disabled Peoples Association – $6,000 for branch visitation from the board and management to conduct governance and management capacity building training to the 16 branch committees

Federated States of Micronesia – $2,500 for Pohnpei women and girls with disabilities ‘rights advocacy and leadership training

Kiribati – $3,000 for an office desktop computer, office toilet facilities and a tank for rain water

Palau –  $1,500 to begin the process of publishing a book remembering the disability movement in Palau since the founding of OMEKESANG in late 1990s

Psychiatric Survivors Association (Fiji) – $3,000 for member activities, the finance officer wage and office expenses

Timor Leste – $2,500 – training with members and staff on new human resources and finance policies and processes, in order to increase the transparency and organisational capacity of RHTO

Spinal Injuries Association (Fiji) – $3,000 for income generating project for women

Vanuatu – $3,250 for the continued employment of the communications officer


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